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Celebrating the 10 Year anniversary of Love Inc and reflecting on what I have learned.

We recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of Love Inc. Yay!! Although it’s no small milestone, I am so focused on building for the next 10 years that I barely stopped to reflect on everything we’ve done right to make it through the first 10 – especially riding the various current storms of late.

My friends and colleagues often ask how we did it and what has made Love Inc a success. I realise that like most things, it’s complicated — yet very simple at the same time. The same things that make you a successful person make you a successful businessperson. In honour of this important milestone, here are a few things that I’ve learned, both in life and in business.


1. To operate with integrity.

Possessing a high degree of integrity is essential in my personal and professional life.  I am truly transparent.  Love Inc operate with integrity in everything we do, to ensure we give our customers or clients a good impression and the best customer service.  I strive to operate with integrity to also ensure Love Inc has a positive reputation in our industry and in our local business community.  As many new and sadly dishonest companies continue to pop up in the LED neon world, this has been especially vital to Love Inc, as it relies on word of mouth and repeat business.

2. To value relationships.

 I absolutely love bringing people together to create happiness and prosperity.  Love Inc is built on the strength of relationships, and I will continue to use that strength to fuel our growth. Past colleagues and friends have collaborated with us and referred us to others to grow Love Inc over the years. I hold those relationships in the highest regard, and I would not be anywhere without all of them.

3. I don’t get distracted by greener grass.

There’s always something bigger and seemingly better out there. I find it hard not to feel inadequate when we don’t get a big-name client, or you don’t make a new “top 10” list in your industry. Social media, with its endless self-promotion, can make this even harder (especially with their continuous changes in algorithms) but I’ve done my best not to let these things get me down and I find it helpful to remember that even when you think the grass is greener, it probably isn’t.

4. Never give up.

I thrive to keep a positive mindset and to learn by our mistakes. Love Inc is never in denial about the fact that we could have acted differently. By excepting that we aren’t perfect and will make mistakes, has helped us learn how to avoid future problems.  Oh, and I love a positive affirmation.  They always pick us up!

5. Have fun.

As you are already aware we are a small business of two busy Mums just trying to add a little extra love into the world and therefore it is important to us to not take everything too seriously. Running a business should be rewarding. It should be a chance to realise your passion, achieve financial independence and spend more time with your family which has been Love Inc greatest achievement!

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