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  • Love set match! We made this fine-looking neon for a lovely couple who met on the tennis court! ⁠
What a perfect way to be reminded each and every day of how you met the love of your life. I hope it takes them back to the excitement and fun of when they met each time they see it. A wonderful reminder of their love. We would love to hear your love stories of how you met? Is there something you would have as a daily reminder in neon? Get in touch, we adore a good love story.⁠
  • Do you have an event that needs a little extra magic? We can help add impact to that special occasion! Take a look at some of these awesome uses of our neons. ⁠
If you have something in mind, get in touch! We would love to hear about it.⁠
  • Not just for your home but also for your business. ⁠
Do you have a business that is crying out for a neon? Maybe it's your logo, A customer sign or even a piece of artwork! We can make anything. Get in touch and let us know what you would have. We always love to hear from our wonderful followers⁠
  • Im not sure this will work, but we can give it a go...⁠
We hope you have an exciting week planned! ⁠
We are coming for you Monday!⁠
  • Crazy in love...With this neon! What do you think? Perfect for a wedding/ anniversary/ gift for that special someone or just as a fab addition to your home. ⁠
Let us know what you think! Styling, complete with a tropical flower arrangement by the wonderful @jollyboysdjs we think it is the crowning piece to any party!⁠
  • We have heard time and time again how often this phrase is used by you lovely lot! ⁠
Mainly between you and your kids but also to all the loved ones in your lives. We love to hear all about to who and why you use it! Let us know.⁠
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