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You are Loved / Peace and Love Doormat


Spread the love with this reversible doormat

60 x 40 cm

Availability: 50 in stock
Availability: 50 in stock


We are so excited to introduce you to our brand spanking new product.  A perfect gift for anyone with a door! The clever design shows the wording “You are Loved” as you cross the threshold, and on your way out you are greeted with “Peace and Love”

This is not just your average doormat. Our doormat is produced from the best quality doormat base and we use quality paints produced in the UK, safe to be used indoor and have good water resistance for outdoor use. Our doormats are then hand sprayed in the UK and shipped freshly to your door.

Each of our doormats we send to you are:

  •  Made with a non-slip PVC backing.
  •  Natural coir (coconut fibre).
  •  Suitable for indoor & outdoor sheltered use.
  •  Hand finished in the UK.
  •  60cm X 40cm X 1.5cm depth.


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