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RAINBOW YES – Meg Tait Collaboration LED Neon Sign


Just say Yes!

Cool white LED neon with rainbow UV printed background

43 x 60 cm

SKU: NEON-YES Availability: 2 in stock (can be backordered)
Availability: 2 in stock (can be backordered)


There can never be too much love. We want to celebrate and remind people of this fact!

When asked to collaborate with the Artist Meg Tait to bring her beautiful designs to life, we jumped at the opportunity to add some spectacular neon funkiness. Your beautiful Rainbow ‘YES’ neon sign is made using Meg Tait’s original UV print design overlaid with cool white LED neon. Bringing the design to life, a piece of quality that every home deserves.

Each of our lights are one-off’s and are made individually with care and attention to detail.

Our lights are made from LED PVC extrusions and are mounted onto an acrylic background. LED lights have many many benefits over glass neon, including limited wiring between letters etc, removes the need to be cased within a box, they are lighter, less fragile and more energy efficient.

With the safety of our customers at the forefront of our minds, we uniquely EMC & CE test and insure all our lights within the UK too. Sounds amazing doesn’t it and what peace of mind!

43cm X 60cm


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