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#itsfine LED Neon Sign (80cm x 29cm)

#itsfine LED Neon Sign (80cm x 29cm)


#itsfine whatever you decide to do and it’s also fine to not be fine.

Warm White LED neon

80 x 29 cm



With everything that’s going on in the world today, it is easy to lose yourself.  Everything will be ok in the end.  If it is not ok, then it is not the end.

It is fine to leave the washing for a day. It is fine to have that extra biscuit.  It is fine to binge watch your favourite soap.  It is fine to wear dirty socks.  It is fine….. it is fine……it is fine……it is totally fine.  Everything is just fine.

#itsfine whatever you decide to do and it is also fine to not be fine.  Don’t forget to love yourself.  Self-love means taking care of yourself first. You cannot give love when you are running out of your own and self-love gives you that energy to accomplish great things.

This gorgeous reminder is in warm white LED neon and measures 80cm x 29cm


Small print:

All prices include 2 metres of clear cable directly from your sign, a UK power adapter and power lead.

All our signs are uniquely tested and insured in the UK too for that additional peace of mind for all our lovely customers.


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