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IT IS what IT IS LED Neon Sign (80cm x 38cm)

IT IS what IT IS LED Neon Sign (80cm x 38cm)


We are never sure what the future holds but we do know that we can continue to be positive and wake up smiling!

Gorgeous white & orange LED neon, measuring 80cm x 38cm.



C’est la vie right…’s in the cards, oh well, que sera sera, such is life, that’s how the cookie crumbles, that’s life, that’s reality, what will be will be or….. it is what it is.

This perfect reminder would look absolutely amazing in any room.  Its in gorgeous white and orange and measures a perfect 80cm x 38cm.


Small print:

All prices include 2 metres of clear cable directly from your sign, a UK power adapter and power lead.

All our signs are uniquely tested and insured in the UK too for that additional peace of mind for all our lovely customers.


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