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We all have Ikea stuff. I like to personalise mine. Here is my easy peasy, even an idiot like me can do this, guide to covering Ikea storage boxes.

First chose some fabric that literally makes your heart sing and puts a spring in your step. We have chosen a mixture of our African fabric, as these boxes are going in the children’s play room.

Once you have selected your fabric, play with it on the box, to ensure the pattern is just how you want it. Then cut a square, our boxes were 32cm squared so we cut our fabric 50cm squared.








Place your fabric on your box, and when positioned in the correct place, use a piece of chalk to draw the outline of the box. This helps you see where you have positioned your fabric, when you remove it to stick it permanently.



Cut diagonally on both bottom corners, to just before (5mm) the line you are covering. At the top of the box, cut a straight line in both top corners, so that your fabric can be folded down into the box. Again, make sure you leave about 5mm so that you can’t see the cut once it is folded over.



Now we are ready to stick! We used repositionable spray adhesive. This allows you to peel and re-stick with ease. Ideally a nice sunny day is best, as this needs to be done outside. We sprayed our fabric, waited until it was tacky, not wet, and then slowly lowered onto our box, using the chalk marks as a guide.

Once positioned, smooth the top of the box, to ensure you have no lumps or bumps. Then fold under the bottom edge, followed by the sides, using your triangle corners to make a neat finish. Lastly fold over the top flap into the box. Don’t worry if your sides aren’t keen to stick. We used pva glue to seal all the edges and made sure they were strongly stuck down.


Finally stand back and marvel at your beautiful bespoke box.



Please send me pictures if you do this yourself. I would love to see what fabric you chose!


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    loved these in your shop and thought it would be great idea to frame album covers as fronts. Going to try the idea in my teenagers hangout room. Will let you know the results.

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    Totally gorgeous thing to do with big standard Kallax!! Might need to make over my studio…..


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