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How to…Install your neon

Now that you have chosen and purchased one of our lovely neons it is time to hang it up!

If you have received a large neon with silver fixings, please follow the instructions below – HOWEVER if you have purchased a bespoke name or small neon – it will come with a couple of screws and rawl plugs.  To attach this sign to the wall, hold up the neon to where you would like it placed, use a pencil to mark through the hanging holes, then drill these holes, pop in the rawl plugs, hold the sign in place and then screw in the screws – Simple!!

OK – so this is the instructions for a large sign with silver fixings, this is a very easy process, that we have done many times.  All you need is a pencil, a drill and a thin cross head screwdriver.

Here we go…..

Hold up where you’d like your sign to go. Using a pencil, mark the wall through the holes.

Drill the holes and put in rawl plugs

Using the fixings provided, unscrew the top part & thread the screw through

Using a Phillips screwdriver, screw in the small screw tightly

Repeat process with all 4 fixings, so that they line up with holes

Sandwich the sign between the 2 parts of the fixing

and screw in tightly.

your neon sign should be away from the wall.

and voila!!!

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