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Dreamland; art, fun and Great British Spirit in a blender.

Just a quick post to tell you all about the opening of Dreamland in Margate. Most of my pictures somehow went AWOL, so this post wont begin to do this wonderful place justice. Just trust me, you need to go.

Those of us old enough to remember will recall Bem Bom brothers, which shut a long time ago, leaving Margate a very sad seafront indeed. However, thanks to local pressure and Margate getting its groove on, the Hemmingways of Red or Dead fame were commissioned to re-design this amazing listed rollercoaster site.

We had an amazing day out, there is so much to do, it needs more than a day to be honest. We entered under the scenic railway, the oldest wooden rollercoaster in the UK, although not running yet, the structure itself is beautiful. From here, we entered the roller room, which was banging out achingly cool music for a dance and skate. The building itself is breath taking, really awe inspiring, a beaultiful mix of old and new. The pinball arcade with numerous vintage arcade games was brilliant too and kept old and young mesmerised.

As we had a 4 year old in tow we went to the MOST AMAZING SOFT PLAY CENTRE EVER…It has beach huts, 2 sand pits, circus dressing up and skills area, a small town role-play area including mechanics, shop and gallery, its own allotment and greenhouse, a punch and judy DIY, cafe and play equipment. If you have small children, this will revolutionise how you view soft play. It is OFF THE SCALE.

Helter Skelter Dreamland

At this point I should mention we have done loads of stuff and not payed the reasonable £18 entrance fee to go in, as the site is in 2 parts…Upon entering you are spoilt for choice, there are lots of rides, for big and small kids. The Hurricane jets were well worth the very small queue, each one unique and beautiful. In fact we really didn’t queue at all and we went on a Saturday.

I also loved how well the whole site has been designed, and though still a work in progress, I was really impressed with the variety and stylishness of the place. It has so many photo opportunities its ridiculous. There is art blending with rides, merging with fun all over the place.









Dream if you wanna go faster at Dreamland MargateKiss Me Quick Dreamland

The best thing about the place though has to be the staff. The last time I felt proud of something as British as this was the Olympics, and Dreamland has managed to capture that Great British Spirit thing we do so well and nailed it. The staff were all uniquely beautiful, a wonderful variety of the people that inhabit Margate. They were so proud to be part of this, and share it and could not havebeen friendlier or more helpful. Here are 2 beauties I snapped, the other photo’s got lost…sob!

With the likes of The Turner gallery and Junk Deluxe (The coolest shop if you love retro and industrial style, this is your place) plus many others in the old town (etc vintage with its retro style being a personal fav of mine). Margate is so worth a visit and only 1.5 hours from Tunbridge Wells or London.

Plus it’s right on the golden sands of Margate. Go there soon, let me know what you think.




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    We went on Wednesday 19th of august …..felt a little bit disappointed that we wasn’t told that some of rides were closed…but made the most of it as we only travel from Tonbridge …I do understand there will be teething problems ..But not to be told and still pay full price..I think is wrong ….next we come if we come will be bringing our 2 boys and hopefully see all rides open up n running thank andi

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    Hi Andi, That’s a real shame you were disapointed, I can understand though, it is frustrating that they didn’t let you know that all the rides weren’t open. I hope you enjoy your re-visit with your boys, let me know what you all thought of it upon second visit, Hannah x


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