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Love Inc. + Popcorn Lover’s Day

Love Inc. + Popcorn Lover’s Day

Love Inc. + Popcorn Lover’s Day

Here is a confession about the Love Inc. gang: WE LOVE FOOD! So when something like “Popcorn Lover’s Day” pops-up (sorry) on our diary, there is no hesitation about what that day will be like at the Love Inc. HQ. T0 celebrate in style, Caro went to seek advice from her friend – digital content guru […]

January blues? You’re not alone…

There is something about January, that always makes me want to de-clutter. A like the feeling of a brand new start. Except, finding time to actually do all the jobs that have been on my de-clutter list, for about 5 years now, have rarely materialised…When I decided to write about de-cluttering I did some research […]

Play House – Red Magazine

Rooms to skateboard in, pots of crayons and boxes full of toys. Just your average family home? Not with Hannah Gee’s dash of modern-meets- vintage style. Fun, functional and full of charm.   The low-down Who: Hannah Gee, 38, who runs online vintage homeware shop Love Inc Ltd (, her husband Colin, 45, and their […]

Making the everyday individual

We all have Ikea stuff. I like to personalise mine. Here is my easy peasy, even an idiot like me can do this, guide to covering Ikea storage boxes. First chose some fabric that literally makes your heart sing and puts a spring in your step. We have chosen a mixture of our African fabric, […]

Who are we?

I have been putting off writing this blog for some time. Apparently to blog successfully, your message needs to come from the heart. Immediately this scares me. What if no one likes what I have to say? What if my blogging technical skills aren’t good enough…(repeat negative statements until I find something else that needs […]

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