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When Jo Malone (herself) asked us at Stylist Live to supply her Jo Loves store with one of our neons, we really had to pinch ourselves. We wrote a blog about meeting Jo Malone here: Meeting Jo Malone | Love Inc (loveincltd.co.uk)

We have also supplied Sweaty Betty’s flagship store in Carnaby Street with all of their neon signage which adorns their beautiful store and have also worked with a number of events companies producing signage for Yves St Laurent, Perrier and many more iconic brands which was amazing!

The amazing Rocket St George became our stockist, who have an amazing emporium in Liberty’s in London and you can see our lights illuminating the store on the 4th floor and Graham and Green stocked our hearts and rainbows!

Being stocked by businesses I have loved all my adult life, is such a surreal feeling and one of my proudest achievements to date.

Take a look at our gallery and see if you can spot any! Gallery | Love Inc (loveincltd.co.uk)


We are also really grateful for the press coverage that we have received over the years from some amazing fabulous magazines.

Being on front cover of our local magazine, Wealden Times was a huge privilege as it was our first ever press release and that blew us away.

Following this success we were contacted by Jo Leevers who ran an 8 page interiors feature in Red magazine. They actually sent clothes and shoes to the house for the shoot, I opened the suitcase to pairs of Laboutins and Jimmy Choo’s and almost fainted!

I then worked with Sophie Robinson after being a competitor on the Great Interior Design Challenge and helped her style the room sets for The Ideal Home Show. As part of this I was able to meet the Editor and (nervously) asked her if they would be interested in featuring my old house and they said yes and covered 13 pages in the magazine!

Since then a number of magazines have featured our products and we are eternally grateful for each and every opportunity.