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10 ideas for a Valentine’s day, lockdown style…

We all need something to look forward to right now and the usual romantic meals at a posh restaurant are not an option for this years Valentine’s day. Never fear, here are our top ten tips to create a posh, romantic* dining experience from home.

  1. Do you have children? Fantastic…now they can become your staff for the evening. Tell the little darlings that Mummy has cooked a total of eleven million billion meals since January 1st (the actual number is 661.5. Family of 4.5 people, 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, for 7 weeks) and now it’s their turn. Here is a link for some easy recipes for children to cook on their own. Adult supervision will probably be required when using a hot stove but that depends on how many gins you’ve had…on that point…

2. I don’t normally drink, but its lockdown so now it’s any excuse for me. Use Friday’s maths lesson to teach them about fractions. “Yes darling, this is half a lemon, I like to have a quarter in my gin. Yes darling, the gin should be a 1/3 of the glass full.”

3. As a working woman in lockdown 3, it hasn’t escaped me that it’s us mums who are having to dig deeper than anyone else in the home. (Yes, I know there are exceptions, but they are that…exceptions). So I also know it is impossible to help them all with school work all day and have a sparkling, clean home…Well, Valentines day is a Sunday. The day of rest. Wonderful. Put those little people creating all the mess in your house, to work in your house, to show you how much they love you. Bare minimum, they need to sweep the stale peas from under the table. If your little darlings are nicer than mine, then they could make you some super cute decorations for your romantic meal. There are some nice ideas on our pinterest here.

Yeah, we love pink…

4. Tell everyone in your house that you need at least 5 hours to get ready for the most amazing meal they are making you. This starts with a long solitary walk, or perhaps in the spirit of galentine, with a bestie. Either way, be sure to bitch your way around that walk, so that upon your return home, you are secure in the knowledge that no, you are not alone. Yes this is relentless. And No, your partner obviously doesnt know where the snack drawer is. This step is important because we all know absence makes the heart grow fonder, so the longer you can be away, the more love you are sure to recieve upon your return.

No, I love you more…

5. After such exercise you will now need a long soak in the tub to get really, really clean. Take trashy magazines or a good book and light all the scented candles. This one, is particularly good as it reminds you that you are indeed loved.

you are loved hand poured scented candle. valentines day gift for her
Should we bring this candle back into stock do you think?

6. Put on your best and most flattering dress. Honestly, this one is a game changer. Put your favourite song on and have a good dance around your bedroom, a la 1984 (if you’re as old as me). Use a hairbrush to really belt out the lyrics. Top marks if you have a kitchen disco neon in your house.

It’s the only place for a disco right now…sob…

7. After your amazing meal, its time to eat all the chocolates. Once daddy has put the little angels to bed, go and stuff the good chocolate (not the cheap stuff reserved for the kids) into your mouth.

8. It struck me at Christmas that real life isn’t like any romcom I’ve ever seen (unless you have been together less than 5 years). They actually only make me feel pretty worthless. Instead of watching one opt for some escapism, like Bridgerton and plan your escape into the Dukes arms…Picture purely for educational purposes.

Picture of the Duke from Bridgerton on Netflix looking well fit…essential lockdown viewing…

9. If you dont have a significant other to celebrate valentines lockdown with, then a zoom call with your bestie will have to suffice. At least she wont burp in your face or fall asleep on you snoring (apologies to my husband for that, I swear it must have been the booze). Let her know she is loved with one of these to help celebrate a feeling of togetherness.

My bestie and I back when we could crowd into photobooths…

10. No kids? Can you teach your pets to fetch instead? Tie a tennis ball onto a tray full of drink and food and watch the chaos ensue? Film it for a chance to win £250 on you’ve been framed? Makes for an interesting night at least

*I cannot promise romance…but hopefully if you try any of the above it will make you smile)))

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