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Supporting small businesses and coming together

Hi!  This month’s blog focuses on coming together and supporting small In a world where it’s often easy to find ourselves on Amazon, we shouldn’t forget that there are literally millions of small businesses out there all competing for customers. The larger businesses which have seemingly endless funds to throw at marketing are the ones that get the most attention ☹ but it is SO important now more than ever that we all support our local small businesses.

Small businesses care

When you buy from a small business, your purchase – no matter how big or small – means such a great deal. You will also therefore receive a more personal, caring service and get better value for your money.

You will receive enhanced Customer Service

Large businesses with an abundance of customers sadly often don’t care so much about the service that they are providing ☹However, as small businesses rely on word of mouth, they fully understand that they need to provide the best service possible in order to be recommended to others.

Please support small businesses

Small business owners really do dance happy dances every time they receive a new order. You order makes them so happy; it makes them smile and it makes everything worthwhile.

Buying from a small business has no downside – the products are creative and well-loved, the community is supported, and every penny you spend is going to the very people who have worked hard to provide you with your purchase…and isn’t that a lovely feeling?

What you can do to help

Please support small businesses any way you can. Share their social media posts, leave positive reviews on their Social Media pages, Google, or Trust Pilot accounts, and recommend them to anyone and everyone you can. Every little thing that you can do to help will really mean a great deal to them.



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