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Love Inc’s Spring 2022 Interior Trends and Colour round up.

Hello all you lovely lot,

When it comes to wanting to enjoy a safe, relaxing space for ourselves, making sure our home is designed perfectly for our own needs is a top priority. Trends that we once enjoyed months ago can be the most irritating aesthetic now, so don’t be afraid to roll with the tide and revitalise your home for the bettering of your sense of self whenever you feel the need. With the welcoming of spring 2022 comes a whole new range of trends that are sure to make you feel more comfortable at home than ever before. So, feel free to read on and become inspired by the latest trends to make a real difference to your own home.


Artwork for the home

Who said only galleries were allowed to be beautiful? Bring the joy and creativity home by displaying colourful pieces of art in and around your personal space. If you’re worried about your budget, then don’t fret – who said that all art has to be worth thousands of pounds? Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, making any pieces you desire to add to the mix. Bored of sculptures and paintings? Maybe consider investing in a statement piece such as a neon light or a colourful plant to keep your house feeling like a home, no matter how beautiful it becomes.


Bold colours and patterns

Now that we’re moving on from covid, we’re wanting to make up for the time we lost – and therefore it’s all about colour for the new season. Enjoy lots of tactile textures and bright colours in your home to get us looking forward to the year ahead, with our eyes pinned to the future of summer in particular. If you aren’t able to buy new furniture or repaint your home the brightest pops of colour possible, then maybe look to small, vibrant decorations such as vases, cushions or glassware to reimagine your home without the high price point.

Glam statements to make a home

There’s no need to redo your entire home to inject some glamour and class, simply add some modern statement pieces to brighten and revolutionise what you already have to provide it a new twist. Whether it’s a bold lampshade, a statement wallpaper on one wall, or even a neon light above a fireplace, one small change can truly make the world of difference.

Back to nature

With spring calling in a new period of rebirth and organic change, it’s only natural for our homes to reflect this organic bliss. With earth-tones colours, whether browns, beiges or even greens to brighten the home, the focus here is all on natural materials and bright, clean light. With this trend comes a great way to choose sustainable materials and practices to make sure you’re not just enjoying an aesthetic, but a lifestyle too. Pair with up-cycled furniture, second-hand pieces and vintage statements and you’ve got a look that will last for the ages.

We hope you enjoyed our spring trend round up.

Take care and best wishes

Jo xx

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