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The Gift Shop is Open!

Hi everyone, our Gift Shop is open yay!!

I hope you are well, but more importantly I really hope you have all survived the horrible stormy weather recently.

I really wanted to cheer everyone up this morning, so I thought I would send you a quick ‘smile’ today and talk to you all about our ever expanding Gift Shop of luxury items and gifts for you and your loved ones.

We started the gift shop offering just candles, mugs and prints.  However, since the beginning of 2022 we have been eagerly adding new products for you.  Would you like a sneaky peek?  Ok, sure!  Here goes.  We have:

Preserved Flowers

Designed with our signature contemporary styling, our long-lasting blooms make the perfect home accessory, to fill a favourite vase and add some natural beauty to elevate interiors.

Our flowers are a beautiful combination of fresh-look preserved and on-trend dried flowers and foliage, stylishly gift wrapped in letterbox packaging. Stems are meticulously hand prepared by our florists to make arranging at home an easy and fun, creative experience.

Flowers make us really happy, and we wanted to bring nature inside, to fill your home and workspace with maintenance-free, vibrant blooms and verdant greenery.  A long-lasting alternative to cut flowers, our flowers are harvested in full bloom and preserved naturally to retain their soft and beautifully fresh appearance for up to a year.

Travel Mugs

Designed to make drinking sustainable and built to last, our luxury travel mugs are made from strengthened glass so you can enjoy your hot and cold drinks without compromising on taste. The efficient design lets you enjoy coffee, loose tea and smoothies in one cup.   Just choose your attachments for the ultimate drinking experience.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality to live sustainably, therefore these travel mugs are aimed at eliminating single-use disposable items. You can now say goodbye to disposable cups and plastic bottles – yay! 

These travel mugs have been manufactured using robust materials to ensure they last. Meaning you won’t have to replace them after a couple of months either!  Oh and they look absolutely gorgeous too!


Our cushions currently embrace a Scandinavian style theme featuring earthy pastel colourways for both adults and children alike. 

They either have gorgeous tassels, are fluffy or have vibrant colours to provide extra texture, pizazz and that extra soft touch to any room in the home.  The really difficult decision for you will be which ones to choose.

Stack Candles

The colours of our Stack candles have been carefully chosen to create a playful combination. We are proud to say that each candle is individually hand poured by skilled Fair-Trade artisans, layer by layer, to form the multi-coloured effect. Each candle will have a slightly different finish adding to its individuality.

They will burn for approximately 20 hours and use 100% stearin wax, have a cotton wick, use ecological colour dye and are paraffin free.  Sounds perfect doesn’t it!

These are just a few of our new luxury items and watch out as many, many more will be joining them in the coming weeks / months.  It’s so exciting! Don’t forget to keep popping back to the website to see what’s coming next.  I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Take care and best wishes

Jo xx

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