Quick ways to give your loft a makeover

Quick ways to give your loft a makeover

Many homeowners are choosing to improve their existing home rather than sell it and move to another house. It has led to an increase in those looking to transform their loft into another room. However, there is a temptation once it is finished, to let rubbish and unused things to get stored up there instead of trying to make it into a useful space. Here are some simple ideas for making your loft into something useful.

Cinema Room

If you and your family love watching movies, then transforming your loft into a cinema room is a perfect idea. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on cinema-style seats, just some sofas to lounge on while you’re watching will be sufficient. You can buy a flat screen television for the screen, or you can go for a more realistic experience by getting a projector. Whatever way you choose, it will need to be big enough to see all the action from the back. You can also invest in a decent sound system as relying on the television speakers won’t give you the same effect.

Make a Home Office

If you do a lot of work from home, or you run your own business, you probably need somewhere you can work without distraction. Transforming your loft into a home office is a great way to get your own space, and it will be far enough away to reduce the noise from the rest of the house. Think about where you want things to go, you might want your desk facing the window so you can see outside, plus you may need additional plug sockets. The loft can get cold in the winter, so if you don’t have heating, it will be a good idea to install some. Types such as Reina Radiators from Warm Rooms are stylish while also being practical.

Children’s Play Room

Finding a space where your children can play without getting hurt can allow you to do other things around the home. Creating a safe play area in the loft helps you to get things done, it will also be great for them to have a big space to play and create things. It won’t take much to create the room you want. The most important thing is that plug sockets radiators, and other potentially harmful things are covered up. Then all you need is a desk so they can get to work with their imagination and lots of toys. It is a good idea to carpet the floor if it isn’t already, and also having a child gate at the entrance to the loft, so they don’t leave the room and hurt themselves. You can even ask them how they want it to be decorated so that they can feel part of the process.

By creating a new space in your loft, you are freeing up other areas of the house that you can use for something else.


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