And welcome to Love Inc Ltd.

We are a rabble of footloose and fancy free galls, pedalling our wares on the open market.  Our ideas and style are right up your alley, with plenty of eyecandy to top.  

Love Inc Ltd was established in 2009 by founder Hannah Gee, hatched from her love of collecting vintage and retro items to adorn her uber modern abode.  The collecting quickly became an obsession and the collection quickly became a problem!! Not for her you understand…but for those people hanging around her…..husband,  kids…those kinda people. 

There sprung the idea of LOVE INC, selling to friends and family, she soon realised that she was onto something. Starting off with little chubby baby steps, she had pop up sales in her home, set up a website, then opened a pop up Christmas shop in the affluent Royal Tunbridge Wells. A couple of years on and Hannah has managed to brainwash two other design lovers to create her own band of merry (wo)men.  {ENTER STEPH & COOKIE} 

We now have an utterly fabulous, cool & stylish shop on the high street in Tunbridge Wells, right next door to Christchurch, manned by Beth.  Beth is our newest member of staff, who single handedly takes care of the day to day running of the shop.  You’ll recognise her straight away with her love of 70’s fashion on show all day!  She loved drawing, glitter, hats and sunflowers and is such an asset to us here at Love Inc. 

SO…come on over, join us, be part of the gang, follow us (not in a stalker-ish way), tweet us, and all those other things the kidz are doing these days.  We’d LOVE to see you.

Love Inc

Pictures to prove we are real…

Hannah Gee
Director, Boss etc.

Tea - Milky, one sugar.

Stephanie Wells
Shop Manager, Visual Merchandiser, Customer Services.

Mocha - 1 shot.

Steph Cook (Cookie)
Pa to Boss, Website, Purchase Manager, Tea Maker.

Coffee - Strong, 3 sweetners.


Chai Latte - Extra froth.

Contact us

Love Inc Ltd, High Street,
Tunbridge Wells, Kent. UK
T: +44 (0) 1892 319887
E: hannah@loveincltd.co.uk

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday: 9.30am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed